The Chandlery

The Chandlery

About 15 years ago, our Vicksburg downtown was given a remodel. The area in front of where our studio is located was once open for street traffic but now is a park-like area with steps leading to the Mississippi riverfront. It is a charming spot that is steps from the main thoroughfare with shops and restaurants, where we enjoy watching tourists explore, people breaking for lunch, and teenagers taking photos. Prior to this location, we occupied a space across from where we are now on the other side of the “street”, but after about 7 years of growth, we were very lucky this larger location became available. (Although I do miss my climbing rose that the new renters cut down!)


Soon after we moved, February 2019, I posted this on IG:

Sign up on the “old” door! We are excited to announce LPA is “spreading our wings” after a huge inaugural Atlanta Market in January - We are truly grateful beyond words!!

A little backstory.. This little space is sentimental to me.. About 8 years ago, my sons were still young and I still worked from home, keeping the business purposefully small. My father, whose name was Gordon, lived with us and pressed the idea to rent space for a chandlery, but all the “no way” voices were in my head. With his vision failing, one day I had him out for a drive, and we came upon this horribly dark, dirty hole in the wall underneath the river bluffs of our small town. He said it was perfect! We turned to see the street sign for the alley behind the space - Gordon Lane.

Over the next several weeks we scrubbed, designed, and installed my very own atelier. I remember my precious husband and boys covered in paint from the floor and walls - so much fun!

Fast forward, my father passed away 5 years ago, boys are growing up, and the “little bee” is getting bigger, so when it was time to think about moving, I was a little sad. Thankfully the space across the courtyard became available, we moved, it works perfectly, and it still backs up to Gordon Lane! Was one of those precious “coincidences” when I went to sign the new lease and it was dated February 6, my father’s birthday. For me it was like a little wink of heavenly approval. Thanks Dad, I love you everyday!