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Since ancient times, pure beeswax has been the highest standard for candles, reserved for royalty and aristocracy. The luxury appeal continues, as beeswax remains the premier choice of modern-day marchands merciers of today’s fine home interiors. La Petite Abeille conveys a sense of understated elegance and propriety with a modernist aesthetic, and are environmentally friendly. All our selections are artisan-made in the distinctive honeycomb texture, le motif hex.

Ruth Wilkerson, foundatrice of La Petite Abeille (The Little Bee LLC), has been a professional chandler for more than ten years. The company was born from her love of the beauty of pure beeswax candles, a desire to provide a superior product to upscale markets, and a quest to increase demand for bee products, therefore encouraging more responsible beekeeping which is crucial to our environment. Vive les abeilles!

She and her team of apprenticed artisan chandlers serve a devoted clientele of high-end gift, wedding registry, interior design, fine antique, and gourmet stores, and has now expanded to include an online boutique that features the most sought-after items. Their work has been featured in national and regional publications and can be seen gracing the tables of top designers and fine interiors everywhere.

The company is enjoying operations in a beautifully appointed chandlery tucked under the river bluffs in historic downtown Vicksburg Mississippi. Our products are proudly American-Made.