bee covered in pollen

We are Naturally Beautiful


La Petite Abeille candles are organic, natural, sustainable, and environmentally sound. 


  • Created from the finest pure beeswax - the benchmark for candle quality
  • Contain no petroleum by-products, no soy or other waxes, no “blends” or “proprietary mixes”, no paints, no lacquers
  • Have no added/artificial scents - have only a natural, light, honey-like scent with no tarry odor, and will not interfere with food aromas or scented accent candles
  • Timeless, distinctive le motif hex honeycomb texture hearkens to their natural origin 
  • Made in the USA, so free from the tremendous environmental drag caused by importing
  • Artisan-made, not machine made
  • Natural, beautiful incandescent glow - no blue/green cast
  • Lead-free wick
  • Purchasing bee products encourages responsible beekeeping which aids in strengthening critical bee populations. Vive les abeilles!
  • Pollutant-free - burning beeswax emits negative ions that help improve indoor air quality
160,000 bees must travel 150,000 miles gathering pollen from millions of flowers, to produce 60 pounds of honey, yielding just one pound of beeswax. Amazing!!