The days of toppling tapers and damaging sticky stuff are over. La Petite Abeille candle Snugs are an effective and prettier way to "snug" candles that are not quite thick enough for their holders, preventing tapers from toppling. La Petite Abeille cuts wax generously when creating their tapers, but in the event that the holder is still too large, use our beeswax Snugs to wrap around the base of the candle or tear apart pieces to safely fill the holder. When we see that these are ordered with our tapers, we fill the order with snugs that match the candle colors (unless otherwise noted by you). La Petite Abeille offers wider diameter Castle Tapers as well as custom sizes.

Order Info

Great care is given to packing your order. In the event there is damage in shipping, notify us within 72 hours of receiving shipment to submit a claim for replacement, no refunds. Because of the custom nature of our business, we are unable to accept returns or exchanges. To initiate a shipping claim, email description and multiple photos of damaged box and item(s) to: Attention Claims.

Use And Care

Our snugs may be used for all candles.

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